Very useful resources

Any great books you would suggest?


Reading around the web

Drawing Tips+Tricks:

Save Loomis – website which has pdfs of the Loomis books which are unavailable to buy at present, wonderful titles to take a look at.

Line by Line series on The New York Times- a series of informational posts about the basics of drawing- by James McMullan

Logo Design- helpful links:

* Design Instruct- Create a Logo Design from start to finish

* Just Creative- The Logo Design Process from start to finishThe logo design process of top designers, and How to design a logo (this site also provides a great questionnaire to get ideas of what you should be asking your client to get a brief of what they would like).

* Spoongraphics Blog- Question Time: What should you supply with your logo designs?

Digital Illustration:

Ultimate Digital Ink and Color Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS5– this is a wonderful tutorial about inking illustrations in Adobe Illustrator: from Beats Digging Ditches.

Things to think about…

What does being an artist mean to you? from Pikaland

Tips from Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History on How to become an illustrator

Study art and science. Draw as much as possible. Spend time in the field observing and sketching nature. Study illustrations that appear in publications and exhibits. Master several traditional drawing media, and several types of computer graphic software. Draw accurately. Learn the tricks and conventions of the scientific illustration trade. Master preparing scientific graphic materials. Understand the processes of printing and reproduction. Keep a portfolio of work. Join professional organizations, such as the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. Take scientific illustration classes and teach classes yourself to strengthen skills.

– source


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