the last year

Its been a very long time since I last updated this blog (I’ve been more active on instagram over the last year) but I’ve been wanting to revive the blog for a while- now that postgrad study is complete, I thought I’d give it another go!

So… the last year has been a pretty busy one (hence no posting). Here’s an update on some of the projects I had the opportunity to work on:

Last year was spent studying hard to get postgrad qualifications in illustration, specifically medical illustration. What an amazing year- it was a huge learning curve, but at the same time, it went super fast. I was lucky enough to work in the Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab (a design for health studio based in Auckland City Hospital) to carry out my illustration honours project. Here is a post about my research project (and in more detail here).

Resin model of the heart, airbrushed- 2016 (created as part of my research project ‘Modality in Medical Illustration’)

I might do a more in depth post about my research and some of the interesting things that came out of it at some point.

Alongside studying, I was lucky enough to work on a really fun illustration project with entomologist Leilani Walker, illustrating 52 native New Zealand insects (and designing packaging) for the Insects of New Zealand Playing Cards. You can read more about the process for making these illustrations here. It was such an awesome project to be involved in, (probably the biggest and longest lasting illustration collaborations I have worked on) and the support for the cards now they have been released into the wild has been great- in fact, we have just released the second edition last month!

Illustration done as part of research project ‘Modality in Medical Illustration’. Shows normal flexion of a young child’s foot

Since I completed my studies I have been transitioning into freelance illustration work. While I had been doing freelance projects for the last couple of years, treating it as a serious full-time business and actually calling myself an ‘illustrator’ has been a big step. Lots more learning and developing processes of working (and administration!), plus a newly designed website, which you can see here, and a sparkly new Etsy store too!
Both still a work in progress. I’ll start posting more about some of the projects I HAVE worked on soon. Next time, back into regular posting with something (hopefully) a bit more interesting 🙂

If there’s anyone out there reading this, thanks if you are still following this blog- I appreciate it!



forays into logo design: a process

I mentioned last time that I had been lucky enough to develop a logo for a new company that is starting up here in New Zealand. Goldfish Productions is a production company that will be producing web (as well as film and photo) content to promote undiscovered overseas festivals to New Zealanders’. The clients wanted a goldfish to be incorporated into the logo in some way. So here are some pictures of the development of the logo. I have also included some online resources that I found very useful at the end of this post.

After finding out what the client wanted, I started to come up with some different sketched logo ideas…tried to think of as many as possible!

sketches galore

sketches galore
and more

Then I further developed a few of my favourite ideas so I could send them off to the client.

a few of the logo ideas
a few of the logo ideas

The clients then decided that they liked the centre logo idea, as it had quite a hand-drawn look. I developed both a logo version with a black background and one with a transparent background.

I created the finished designs in Illustrator (vector images are best for logos with multiple uses as they are rescaleable). Here they are:

GP_rectangle_web_lowres GP_web_lowres GP_web_lowres GP_gradient_lowres

(these are low res images so as to not make this post too big! I will post the larger images on my portfolio page too).

I sent these off in a variety of file sizes and types (.psd file, .ai file, jpg low and high res, png low and high and as a pdf)- I can’t wait to see them in use!

For anyone else interested in doing some logo design, I found these resources really useful:

* Design Instruct- Create a Logo Design from start to finish

* Just Creative- The Logo Design Process from start to finish, The logo design process of top designers, and How to design a logo (this site also provides a great questionnaire to get ideas of what you should be asking your client to get a brief of what they would like).

* Spoongraphics Blog- Question Time: What should you supply with your logo designs?

Plus, something to read if you are just getting into digital illustration, like me- this is a wonderful tutorial about inking illustrations in Adobe Illustrator: from Beats Digging Ditches, the Ultimate Digital Ink and Color Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS5

I hope you are having a great weekend- its getting cold over here in NZ as we head into winter!