Seals of New Zealand- free colouring sheet

I posted earlier this week on instagram that I would be releasing this ‘Seals of New Zealand’ colouring-in sheet as a free download on the blog- and finally its ready!

Equipment used: inked with a Hunt dip pen and detailed with Rapidograph isograph pens + Pigma micron. 

I thought it might be quite a fun and useful educational resource , as I don’t think the species of seals we have in New Zealand is very well known to the majority of people (myself included before doing this little project). SEALSofNZ-COLSHEET-final

It features the five species of seals that frequent NZ and the surrounding subantarctic islands, as well as some info on each of the species on the back of the sheet. SEALSofNZ-COLSHEET-final2 Sadly, most of these species are at low population numbers because of impact of the sealing industry. Although sealing ceased in 1916- some such as the NZ Sea Lion (one of the rarest sea lions in the world) are still at very small population sizes. Today they are threatened mostly by fishing, when they get entangled in trawl nets. I hope this little activity sheet raises some more awareness about our unique seals, so please pass it on to any kids (or adults!) you may know that would be interested in it!! IMG_1096


Seals Of New Zealand- colouring sheet

For best results print on a laser printer 🙂

I’m hoping to do more NZ nature inspired colouring- in sheets in the future- if you have any suggestions please let me know, or leave a comment below!

till next time,



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