the 100 days project – sketch-booking!

On April 6th an interesting challenge starts- #The100DaysProject, run by ElleLuna and The Great Discontent.

Quoted from the website:

It’s a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making.

– The Great Discontent

You choose one creative thing to do everyday for 100 days- from April 6th to July 14th, and post your results on social media.

I have never done a challenge that lasted so long, the longest was probably last years Inktober– and to be honest I did not create something every day.

The key thing I think is to make it something that is not a huge effort to start with. Something that might take only 5 minutes. Something that it doesn’t matter what the end result is. Like the website says, its about the process. 

Its easy to get put off by the amazing results you see around the internet for challenges like this (at least I do!). Masterpieces created day in and day out. Sketchbook pages that look better than an entire week of work.

For this challenge I will be concentrating on the idea of this being about the PROCESS rather than the final result.

My challenge will be to get my sketchbook out every single day and do some sort of doodle/sketch/drawing.

Getting into the habit of using my sketchbook everyday has been something I have been meaning to do for a long time- this challenge is I hope the impetus that will ingrain the daily practice into my brain. The resulting sketches might be absolutely terrible but hopefully I will at least get into the sketching habit.

In saying that, I will be posting my daily sketches on my instagram (#100daysofsketchbooking), no matter how horrible they turn out to be. This will be an important way of keeping accountable.

My handmade sketchbook and pencil are all ready to go for tomorrow!


have you thought about doing the 100 days challenge? if you are doing it, what is your creative challenge? I’d love to know so we can follow along with you too.

Check out The Great Discontent for more information and to sign up!



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