2014- a year in review

well, its the end of another year! 2014 was the first year where I decided to really try to focus on illustration- I did the scientific illustration course, created a stop-motion animation that was science based, and developed a portfolio-which I submitted to a publisher. In the last month I also did my first market (selling cards and prints that I printed myself- a learning curve as well). Its been busy but I feel like the busier it got, the easier it was to create work and I feel like I started to definitely get into a stride of creating art consistently and regularly in the last few months of this year- something I have previously struggled with.

I also discovered a technique that I really like for doing picture book-style illustrations, and am excited to play around with that some more in 2015.



I saw this around tumblr in the past week and thought it would be a fun thing to do- you can find the original template here, and make one for yourself!

A couple of firsts this year:


– time using scratch-board and carbon dust techniques

– real paid lettering job for a client

animated “science” film completed

– big investment: my computer that lets me do digital illustrations without freezing every 2 seconds!

market stall selling some of my prints

the most popular posts in 2014 on this blog– if you missed them, go check them out:

Forays into logo design - a process1/ forays into logo design- a process

Mitosis Comic, pen&ink, 2013

2/ biology comic and a few other things

wood pigeon skull, carbon dust, 2014


3/ scientific drawings 1


4/ illustration friday #1- zodiac

starting to add shapes in illustrator

5/ vintage new zealand tourism posters

as usual most of these posts were actually the ones I thought wouldn’t be that popular at all!

Best art-book of the year

a tie between Illustrating Children’s Books by Martin Ursell and the Laws Guide to Drawing Birds by John Muir Laws. Check them out- they are very technical and full of so much useful information.


Best new art product

would have to be either the prisma col-erase pencil (in blue) <–which I’d never tried before but is amazing, OR the Kuretake No.8 fountain brush pen!


I still feel like I learn something new every time I sit down to make something and there’s still a long way to go (!!)- and I can’t wait to share more exciting things on the blog here next year. I am hoping to bring some more tutorials and diy stuff onto the blog, as well as some interviews with illustrators- alongside the regular posts.

Thanks to all of you who followed this little blog this year- I appreciate you all reading my (sometimes long) posts, and hope you stick around as I learn more about this whole creative-blogging thing next year.

Best wishes for 2015!




Just a quick note- I saw this character design challenge popping up here and there- I will likely be doing this challenge and will post more info on the blog in January- but just a heads up if you are also interested in doing this one! It looks like fun 🙂


what do you think?

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