chalkboard quotes+ giveaway winner announced!

hey everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was spent working mostly- but I also got the chance to play with the new chalkboard I made last week. Here are a few pics of my chalkboard practice:








Today I am annoucing the winner of the skillshare giveaway- the randomly chosen winner is Maryam who is interested in taking photography and calligraphy classes! Maryam- I’ll send you an email to organise your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and if you are interested in trying out skillshare, their new membership scheme makes it really easy to access and try out classes for free before you leap into a full on membership, as you can now watch up to 1 hour of classes for free every month.

See you all later in the week with some art and also another $1 book sale round-up!



2 thoughts on “chalkboard quotes+ giveaway winner announced!”

  1. Thanks so much Emma!!! I’m sooo excited to make the most of it! By the way, your writing is beautiful. Again thanks for doing the giveaway!

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