september goal review + free calendar download

I can’t believe its already September- here in New Zealand we are heading towards Spring and with a third of the year left- it felt like a time to do a review of some of the goals I am hoping to achieve this year. Its easy to get stuck in day to day routines and avoid pushing through to get things done-especially if you are working on  your own projects to develop skills and improve technique (rather than being commissioned to do work!!).


so true for so many things…. ad campaign for Frucor designed by Automatic (Dan Wright)

Anyway- as one of my major goals this year was to develop my portfolio, and lately I feel like I’ve been going a bit off track SO here are some of the things I am going to set myself to do this month:

  • Week long character challenge– sketch out a random character every day for one week. It doesn’t have to be amazing- just a sketch, but hopefully it will generate some ideas and things for other drawings. I’m aiming for 15th to 21st September– is anyone else keen to join along? See Brad Woodards character series for inspiration!
  • Sketchy sketchy sketch! Fill up my tiny sketchbook that I made (will do a post on this little sketchbook I made+ how I made it at a later date)
  • Do a digital painting of a native whale/dolphin (scientific style). I really wanted to try this out and saw this quick tutorial. It will be a good project to practice my digital painting technique so I can apply it to more scientific illustration projects
  • From ZoologicalApt
  • And the BIG ONE- complete 5 finished illustrations that I could use in my portfolio (don’t all need to be from different projects). I’m not actually sure this is achievable but I will do my best ;0

I have seen some great info online regarding generating your own projects and practice- the most recent one I found useful was Drawing Drills by Meg Hunt. I am finding it useful to set myself projects + assignments with a timeline to get things done. Hopefully I can make it to my portfolio deadline in October!!!

Until then- what are your goals to make it an amazing+productive September? Think about the goals you want to achieve by the end of the year and break them up into little chunks you can get working on now….


To help you out- here is a handy little calendar planner I made for you to get started:
(click on the image above to download the full size image- I recommend printing on A3 so you have lots of space to write in your plans!! Make your goals achievable and tick off the things you achieve as you go)

Have a great weekend!




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