more science-y stuff: harvestmen illustrations

Here is the other scientific illustration project I recently finished- illustrations for post-doctoral researcher Chrissie Painting and Professor Greg Holwell, at the Holwell Lab, University of Auckland, who are researching weapon evolution in harvestmen (Order Opiliones).

Two types of illustrations were completed: one showing a comparison of chelicerae morphology, as well as a series showing some behavioural interactions. All were completed with pen and ink on detail paper, and cleaned up in photoshop.

Behavioural interactions:





Morphological comparison:


You can see them on my official portfolio site here. Please check out the interesting research Chrissie and Greg are doing:

Chrissie Painting’s website

Greg Holwell’s website

All images above, copyright 2014 E.Scheltema. Please do not copy without permission.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!




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