giraffe weevil illustrations

So- as promised– here is some of the entomological illustration I have been working on in the last couple of months (I will post about the other project I have worked on seperately).

This is a pen and ink series of illustrations for the Masters project of Rebecca Le Grice,  a student in Greg Holwell’s lab at the University of Auckland, who is investigating the behaviour of the New Zealand Giraffe Weevil (Lasiorhyncus barbicornis)- which incidentally is New Zealand’s longest beetle. All illustrations were done with pen and ink (dip pen for outlines and Rotring isographs for stippling) on detail paper.


Male giraffe weevil displaying guarding behaviour


Sneaking behaviour
Sneaking behaviour
Male giraffe weevils fighting
Male giraffe weevils fighting

If you’d like to find out more about these amazing creatures- check out these wonderful article:

Weasley Weevils– by Chrissie Painting on the Forest and Bird website

All images above, copyright 2014 E.Scheltema. Please do not copy without permission.

till next time!



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