inky doodles- from random sketch to finished drawing

I’ve been playing around with ink and brush lately- having been totally inspired by Yuko Shimizu’s illustration and her new class on Skillshare– which is just amazing. Here are a series of photos from very random squiggle that I made into a face, all the way through several iterations to a final illustration that I’m pretty happy with. Re-doing drawings until I’m happy with them is something that has only just recently occurred to me (!!!). Its very rare that I’ll be able to make something that nice first time round, so instead of just being annoyed about the first go, hopefully with practice (ie what I have done here)- I’ll get better!

Anyway- here are the various versions:

1. Random Doodle:


Not sure where it came from, just randomly came into my head after squiggling that line that makes up the profile of his head.

2. the illustration I was pretty happy with but then decided it would be cool to add some extra bits to



I wasn’t happy with the little bird sitting on the guys head- so decided to change it to a big toucan (its in the Amazonian rainforest if you couldn’t tell) sitting on a branch above his head. Also wanted to improve the background a little.

3. The one where I had this idea to also add in little eyes in the dark areas of the foliage


That wasn’t a good idea….

4. The final (ish) illustration


Of course I’m sure there are still improvements that could be made! But I’m pretty happy with it. Its the most fun as well as the least planned drawing I’ve done in a long time, so that was pretty cool. All done with India Ink and a Chinese calligraphy brush.

You may have noticed but the posting has been a bit irregular over the last couple of weeks. I will be back to more regular posting soon- I’ve been working on a few real scientific illustrations!!- and should be able to share more on the site then.

Until then I’d love to know- Do you have anything new you have learnt recently that has made drawing more fun for you?

Have a great week



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