weekend reading…

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned ahead. Here are some things I’m enjoying right now- maybe you will too!

Loving this awesome auction I won through Trademe (NZ version of ebay)- second hand technical + fountain pens galore! I can see a weekend of pen cleaning coming up! Luckily they all seem to have been looked after pretty well- they will be so useful for scientific illustration work.

inlcuding rotring isographs, staedtler marsmatic and osmiroid fountain pens!!!
inlcuding rotring isographs, staedtler marsmatic and osmiroid fountain pens!!!

Will post more about these guys once they are all cleaned up 🙂

On more of a fountain pen note- this advertisement by Pilot pens, illustrated by Shohei Otomo using a Namiki fountain pen. Check it out- its inspiring to watch the amazing artwork he creates (click on the link above to see more info about the artist). Fountain pens=awesome enviro-friendly sketch tools.

This Q+A with NZ author (Raymond Huber) and illustrator (Brian Lovelock) of Flight of the Honeybee– a childrens’ non fiction picture book about honeybees and how they find their food. The book has been nominated for the 2014 NZ Post Childrens Book awards. Amazing watercolour+acrylic illustrations- check out Brian Lovelocks’ other books- The Rain Train, Demolition and Roadworks for some amazing watercolour work. This interview is an interesting read for anyone wanting to get into writing or illustrating picture books.

Flight of the honey bee by Raymond Huber and Brian Lovelock.
Source: Auckland City Libraries

If you love to sketch nature subjects- have you seen the Sketching in Nature group blog? People submit sketches of animals, plants etc, and they are regularly updated on this site. A fun one to browse through.

Sketching in Nature Blog


Lastly- I know I’ve mentioned them before on this blog, but a recent post on Illustration Friday blog reminded me of the wonderful Andrew Loomis books, which Illustration Friday is now offering on their site to download. I am slowly working my way through “Figure Drawing – for all its worth” which I have found really useful. I highly recommend downloading some (or all) of these while you can. They are a great resource, particularly for the aspiring commercial artist.

Source: Illustration Friday- now offering downloads of Andrew Loomis’ amazing books

And on that note- I hope you have a great weekend.



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