easter long weekend happenings

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Lucky for me my work was closed one extra day because of water repairs, SO I had a full 4 days off- yay! Thought I’d do a bit of a mishmash post today…

We had a big storm on Thursday, which led to power cuts for the rest of that day, and then Friday as well. I worked on an illustration for IF challenge– and this was the FIRST ONE I managed to actually finish and submit! Maybe that power cut gave extra productivity?

Most of my weekend was spent doing lots of little drawings of caterpillars and moths for my final project (sadface) for scientific illustration class.

lots and lots of moths and caterpillars...
lots and lots of moths and caterpillars…

Lots and lots of caterpillarrrs

I also made a sketchbook with sugar paper (aka construction paper) after being inspired by some of the wonderful mid toned sketchbook youtube videos by will terrell.

Did you know that sugar paper is named so because it used to be the paper used to make sugar bags back in the day? It is actually quite a nice paper to draw on too, and very cheap! I made my entire sketchbook for less than $2 (NZD). This is quite good because it means it doesn’t matter as much if I ruin it, haha. The other benefit of making your own sketchbooks are they are fully customisable, so I chose a shape that I liked, paper I liked and a binding that would allow the book to lay fully open= sketchbook of my dreams. Now I just have to use it…

my lovely blue painted sketchbook :)
my lovely blue painted sketchbook 🙂

Its the second hand bound sketchbook I’ve made and I’m pretty happy with it so far. Next time I might make the covers a bit thicker though- I just used some left over mount board this time.

inside cover patterned with prismacolours- sketches of lily
inside cover patterned with prismacolours- sketches of lily

If you are interested in making a sketchbook, check out this link to Dani Draws site- she has a great tutorial!

some sketches of charlie

Easter Sunday was started off by going bush with the doggie- where she discovered the delights of a couple of beautiful fantails who flew very close to around us, cheerily chirping (as they often will do) and was very interested in said dog.

can you spot the little fantail?

can you spot the little fantail?

I also managed to replant and rearrange some of my indoor succulent/fern garden, which were looking a bit sad- one or two had even perished over the first couple of months I had them. I’m sorry but HOW can you kill a succulent? Maybe its low water, not no water? I forget. Anyway, I also got a new-to-me second-hand bowl for one of the little guys from the local op shop. Love that place!

window succulents
window succulents
little blue penguin terrarium
little blue penguin terrarium

What did you do on your (hopefully) long weekend?

enjoy the short week-




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