Puriri branch- coloured pencil

Here is another piece that I just finished yesterday- an illustration of a Puriri (Vitex lucens ) branchlet, completed in coloured pencil. Would have liked to do one more pass over the leaves (might still do that) but a bit rushed for time on this one!

puriri branch, coloured pencil, 2014
puriri branch, coloured pencil, 2014

Something I learnt doing this illustration- when illustrating flowers ALWAYS finish the flowers before the leaves+stalk! Otherwise they will go all wilty and you will have to go and find more specimens to get the colours and shading right.

I used Strathmore wind-powered bristol board (smooth) for this piece, and was really impressed! It stood up really well to scratching back the pencil with an exacto for fine details. My new favourite CP paper!


A bit off topic, but here is a fun video via School Journal Library about the author/illustrator Peter Browns’ process in creating his latest picture book ‘Mr Tiger goes wild’. Something fun to watch, lots of references to mid-century Disney artists such as Mary Blair and Eyvind Earle.

Author and Illustrator Peter Brown On His Process from School Library Journal on Vimeo.


Hope you are having a great week- and have a happy easter!





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