botanical pen and ink

I used to avoid pen and ink and be really disappointed with anything I tried to do with it. Now that I’ve done more practice with it through my classes, I am growing to love it! I decided to do a pen and ink plate illustration of the Puriri Tree (Vitex lucens). It was completed on detail paper (my new favourite for pen and ink) with a hunt 102 nib and 0.5mm pigma micron.

botanical-in-progress puriri-plate-actual

Another really useful resource that I discovered for Pen and Ink rendering is the book ‘Rendering in Pen and Ink‘ by Arthur L Guptill- which according to is the most comprehensive book ever published on the subject of ink drawing. It definitely has a lot of detailed info in it- I’ve added it to my Resources page!

Hope you have a great day!


p.s I am slowly moving all my finished illustrations onto my new portfolio website- . Its still a work in progress, but eventually I will link this up to the portfolio on the blog. Please follow me if you have tumblr!

portfolio website image


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