scratching away with scratchboard

So- as part of the scientific illustration course I’m doing, we were assigned to do a scratchboard illustration. I’ve never really used scratchboard before- so these are my first attempts.

The first was my practice piece- Vitex lucens leaf on a small piece of Ampersand scratchboard.


This was my submitted assignment- Notomithrax peronii (Camoflage Crab) on EssDee scraperboard (the only brand I have been able to find in NZ, and not quite as easy to work with as the ampersand).




I really need to focus on more bold white scratches, rather than shading away so you can’t really see the scratches (I don’t think that’s the point of scratchboard??)!! Definitely a fun medium to work with though and I will be trying out some other things with it.

I’m also having a go at making my own scratchboard so I have more to play around with, so we’ll see how that goes and I’ll post the results on here if it works!



what do you think?

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