scientific drawings 1

As I mentioned in my new year post– this year I am studying a graduate paper in scientific illustration through University Nebraska-Lincoln distance program. Scientific and natural history illustration is something I am really interested in, and the course has been great so far- learning lots of technical and drafting skills.

I thought I’d post some of the work I’ve done so far…

Male Tree Weta, pencil
Camoflaged spider crab, crowquill pen and ink/ rapidographs
Puriri (Vitex lucens) leaf
Kauri Snail shell, pen+ink, vectorised

All of the specimens used for the drawings had to be collected by the student, or borrowed. I went collecting a few weeks ago at a nearby beach, and as the tide was out, walked around the rocks. Guess what I found hiding out in the deepest rock pools!


There were actually heaps of these guys- as I climbed up to photograph this one, all the others were clattering away under rocks. The only reason I managed to take this photo is this guy was stuck in a little pool on the top of a rock (don’t worry- he stayed there too! I only collected shells and a freshly dead crab for my drawings). He had beautiful purple vein patterns on his claws 🙂

Amazing what you find once you start looking!




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