Merry Christmas tags- free download

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who is now following this little blog.


As a little thank you for visiting this little corner of the internet this year, I have made some hand-painted christmas gift tags for you to download for free. The little birds are inspired by the New Zealand fantail. Hopefully, like me, you still have presents to wrap and can use these to decorate your parcels.  Just a little thanks for visiting this little corner of the internet this year!

Here is a link to download the front, and the back of the tags! Download both, and print double sided onto card stock, or like I did, use some heavy watercolour paper. I got these printed with laser, but I think inkjet would probably look even nicer.



I also made some wrapping paper using recycled brown packing paper and potato stamps- inspired by this tutorial on etsy. It took surprisingly less time than I thought- I made about 3 metres of wrapping paper in about 15mins- great at this busy time of year.


Check out the rest of the DIY advent series on etsy- they have some really nice decorations and gifts you can make as well.

Finally- I hope you have a merry christmas