calligraphic #1 a week of hand-lettering practice

Hello! Here is the first in a week-long series of calligraphy quotes. I’m just starting out in calligraphy/ hand lettering so you can see that I still need a lot of practice (c&c always appreciated!)- I thought a week of posts should get me to do some extra practice. I’ll also be posting some really awesome hand-lettering resources around the web, as I go, if you too are interested in taking it up!



This was done with gouache on black card. The quote is ‘Fear cuts deeper than swords’, which Game of Thrones readers will recognise. I realise its actually quite difficult to read this- so legibility is definitely something I need to work on!

Todays lettering link of the day is this awesome tutorial by Lindsey of The Postmans Knock– which outlines how to start out in modern dip pen calligraphy. Take a look around the rest of her site as well- its lovely!




what do you think?

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