hand drawn timelapse video

Recently I was asked to illustrate the scenes for a video my sister produced with some other students for a university project. The idea was to have it resemble those hand-drawn whiteboard videos you see on youtube, and it was used to illustrate their vision of a library of the future. It was filmed scene by scene, and then sped up with video editing software. First time I’d tried this, and it was a lot of fun! I’d definitely like to try it again soon.

Here is the finished video:

I also found this video very inspiring. It is a clip from the BBC childrens programme, Jackanory, on which Quentin Blake used to do live illustrations of stories on a giant canvas! Amazing. Google it and you will find many more clips of episodes to watch 🙂

Thanks to my sister and her friends for asking me to get involved 🙂

Something else to check out:

* Quentin Blakes official website has been updated, and you can now see a whole load of awesome videos including interviews and an interesting How I draw section, as well as download free e-cards and desktop backgrounds! Definitely worth a look.

Have a great week!



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