learning to draw letters

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been taking part in a new class on Skillshare called ‘The Art of Modern Calligraphy’, taught by the amazing calligrapher/lettering artist, Molly Jacques (<–check out her website).


The class has been great so far- and while I admit I was initially expecting a bit more in terms of project steps, I soon discovered that these steps alone would (and do!) require a lot of hard work+ practice+ dedication to master- and this challenge is part of what I love about it!


first-lowercase_web secondUOIS

closeup-lowercase_web I am thankful that Molly has given out information that is not so readily available if you cannot attend a real life class, and has managed to create a class is an inspiring take on an ancient art form. You can see some of my somewhat embarrassing practice work throughout this post (I obviously still have a very long way to go!).

If you are interested in taking this class yourself (or any other Skillshare class) you can get a $10 discount using this referral code.

Also, worth a check out is the totally awesome Besotted blog, whose creator Tristan B has a wonderfully inspiring selection of posts on lettering. Great stuff!

Bye for now,



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