on the drawing board #1

on-the-drawing-board-button on the drawing board is a new series here on the blog which briefly highlights unfinished work currently on my drawing board plus other random bits and pieces, such as what I’m listening to as I paint (if you’re interested in that sort of thing). Hope you enjoy it!

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watermarked wing

kereru wing study, acrylics


so relaxing! must listen on repeat…


of summer. its the start of spring here in the southern hemisphere, and today is pouring with rain. fingers crossed for beautiful weather just round the corner!


my new acrylic brush from Daler Rowney. Its a system 3 brush (round, size 12), that I got for $8 NZD at my local emporium.

System 3 Brushes SY67 Filbert Sizes 0,4,6,8 and 10


It was an impulse buy but one that has become indispensable with the acrylic work I have been doing lately, especially as a blender when doing tiny details. Keeping this brush (just damp) on hand to blend out lines helps reduce problems with acrylic drying in the time it takes to dip your brush back in the water pot to clean it!



What is your goal for the week? Mine is to get a small sketchbook that fits in my handbag so I can take it with me to work. Since I’ve started doing more hours at work, I’m trying to find extra ways of getting illustration into my day, and I am going to challenge myself to do at least one sketch per day I am working (on the train or lunch, whatever). It will be one way of keeping my mind focussed and hopefully improving my drawing! Maybe I’ll even post them up here to keep an account of it…

Hope you liked the new series. Tell me- what is on your drawing board this week?


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