NZ conservation week

just popping by to say: its conservation week this week (8-15 Sept) in NZ!

awesome illustration from the Department of Conservation site created by 2bytwo

Conservation week’s purpose is to raise awareness about the benefits of conservation and to encourage kiwis to get involved in local projects.

If you are in New Zealand, here is a list of events you can get involved in.


a beautiful native common gecko (Hoplodactylus maculatus…i think) I photographed in my garden yesterday! I haven’t seen one of these guys in such a long time, lots of lizard species being impacted by humans due to loss of habitat and predation by cats in urban areas, so very cool to see they haven’t all disappeared! gecko_0017 doesn’t he blend in well!

Cool gecko fact: These geckos (like all NZ geckos which are unique worldwide) give birth to live young, giving birth to twins in late summer!

You can help native geckos by planting appropriate species of plants, creating areas of cover (rock or wood piles) or even building a gecko home! If you’d like more info on making your garden gecko friendly, check out this link.

Hope you have a great week- back to regular blog posting tomorrow morning!



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