illustration pinspiration: blue

Illustration pinspiration series is all about showcasing amazing illustration work by artists around the web. See the first post in this series here.

This months pinspiration theme: BLUE

If you are interested in seeing more (much much more) illustration inspiration, check out my pinterest Illustration board.

Please note, none of this work is my own, all artists are credited below.


Rooftops- Sarah Marino

Anyone know the creator of this piece?

source unknown

渡 太一

渡 太一


Eyvind Earle, Midnight Blue 1983

Eyvind Earle- Midnight Blue, 1983

Leviathan, by Ture Ekroos

Leviathan, by Ture Ekroos


unknown source

Joey Chou.

Joey Chou

Please visit the respected artists websites to see more of their work.

will be back soon with the first post in a new blog series….

Hope you’re having a great week!



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