a little spur-winged plover chick

here is a little spur-winged plover chick, illustrated in acrylics (Atelier interactives):

spur winged plover chick_acrylic


I have been meaning to do some more practice in acrylics- I am never 100% happy with the end result in terms of vibrancy of the paints (like you get with watercolour), but I am pretty happy with Atelier interactives so far. They work really well when using them like watercolours, like I have been doing. Unlike other acrylic paints you can also (to an extent) reactivate the lower layers of the painting (though of course you can layer without disturbing the lower layers too), and they don’t dry with that plastic-y look which is the thing that annoys me about acrylics! The only thing is it takes a little while to get used to layering with them. Perfect practice for this little chick- we’ve had two at the rescue centre I volunteer at, very cute.

On a bird- theme, I saw these videos about mexican science illustration intern at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology- Evaristo Hernández-Fernández when looking for motivation about acrylic painting in a watercolour style- its AMAZING! Very inspiring, especially interesting to me was that he is an ornithology student and self-taught artist- very cool!

Science and Art

and about his painting of the imperial woodpecker (extinct)- has a bit more info about his technique


Hope you enjoy!



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