illustration pinspiration: birds

I don’t have any of my own work to post this week- I’ve been busy doing some work experience- so I thought instead it would be a good time to post some work of the very inspiring illustrators and artists whose work fills up my pinterest board. Although pinterest does tend to take up time that could be better spent (maybe working on some of my own drawings!) it can be very inspiring to flick through the amazing work of talented illustrators.

So, without further adieu, this weeks Illustration Pinspiration theme is  BIRDS.

If you are interested in seeing more (much much more) illustration inspiration and happiness, check out my pinterest Illustration board.

Please note, none of this work is my own, all artists are credited below.

On Winter Morning by Anka S.

On winter morning by AnkaS

matt sewell--robin

Robin by Matt Sewell

Vladimir Savitsch.

Vladimir Savitsch

Anna Lisk.

Spring is coming by Anna Lisk

Pet peacock by art.crazed, via Flickr  illustrated by Aurelius Battaglia, 1950

Pet Peacock by Aurelius Battaglia

From Songs We Sing (A Big Golden Book), illustrated by William Dugan, 1957

from ‘Songs We Sing’ illustrated by William Dugan

Jake Panian's Sketches

bird sketch by Jake Panian

Daniela Dahf Henriquez

by Daniela Dahf Henriquez

Ella Bailey Illustration. Swans.

Swans by Ella Bailey

Claire Fletcher Artist

by Claire Fletcher

Please follow the links to these illustrators websites to check out more of their work. I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be hopefully getting some work done on one of my own pet portraits and will post some WIP pics soon!



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