forays into logo design: a process

I mentioned last time that I had been lucky enough to develop a logo for a new company that is starting up here in New Zealand. Goldfish Productions is a production company that will be producing web (as well as film and photo) content to promote undiscovered overseas festivals to New Zealanders’. The clients wanted a goldfish to be incorporated into the logo in some way. So here are some pictures of the development of the logo. I have also included some online resources that I found very useful at the end of this post.

After finding out what the client wanted, I started to come up with some different sketched logo ideas…tried to think of as many as possible!

sketches galore

sketches galore
and more

Then I further developed a few of my favourite ideas so I could send them off to the client.

a few of the logo ideas
a few of the logo ideas

The clients then decided that they liked the centre logo idea, as it had quite a hand-drawn look. I developed both a logo version with a black background and one with a transparent background.

I created the finished designs in Illustrator (vector images are best for logos with multiple uses as they are rescaleable). Here they are:

GP_rectangle_web_lowres GP_web_lowres GP_web_lowres GP_gradient_lowres

(these are low res images so as to not make this post too big! I will post the larger images on my portfolio page too).

I sent these off in a variety of file sizes and types (.psd file, .ai file, jpg low and high res, png low and high and as a pdf)- I can’t wait to see them in use!

For anyone else interested in doing some logo design, I found these resources really useful:

* Design Instruct- Create a Logo Design from start to finish

* Just Creative- The Logo Design Process from start to finish, The logo design process of top designers, and How to design a logo (this site also provides a great questionnaire to get ideas of what you should be asking your client to get a brief of what they would like).

* Spoongraphics Blog- Question Time: What should you supply with your logo designs?

Plus, something to read if you are just getting into digital illustration, like me- this is a wonderful tutorial about inking illustrations in Adobe Illustrator: from Beats Digging Ditches, the Ultimate Digital Ink and Color Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS5

I hope you are having a great weekend- its getting cold over here in NZ as we head into winter!



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